Door Barrier Lock

The Door Barrier Lock - by Safety and Security LLC. "When Seconds Matter."

Product Information

The Door Barrier Lock - "When Seconds Matter"

Providing Extra time "When Seconds Matter"

The Door Barrier Lock is manufactured right here in the United States.
The lock was designed with several key aspects in mind:

It had to be made of solid steel to withstand the extreme forces that could be applied by someone looking to harm to others.

It had to be permanently mounted, so in an emergency situation you would not need to look for parts and pieces. The Door Barrier Lock uses the Lift, Swing, and Drop method to secure the lock.

The lock had to be fast acting - able to be implemented in seconds. When seconds count there is no substitute.

The lock has to be secured in such a way that it would not fail when blunt force was applied. The locking tabs on each side of the swing arm restrict lateral movement of the lock.

The lock can be easily found on any door from the hallway side. The high strength bolts and solid steel plate make the Door Barrier Lock easily recognizable even when running down a hallway to escape a dire situation.

Product Testing

The Door Barrier Lock was designed to withstand the incredible forces that could be applied during an active shooter situation or someone looking to due grave harm to others. The lock had to work quickly, and it had to hold up to extreme conditions using a multitude of different weapons. The lock was tested to these standards.

The destructive testing on the Door Barrier Lock was conducted by the Porter County sheriffs Department. There were multiple common patrol rifle type weapons used during the testing, including the AR-15, 12 Gauge Shotgun, and 9MM handgun. In addition to these weapons, the Door Barrier Lock was tested to it’s full potential by the Porter County Bomb Squad using a Pipe Bomb, and C-4 explosive. All of this testing proved the strength and durability of the Door Lock Barrier to withstand the extreme conditions that could be applied during an active shooter situation and incidents in persons looking to do harm.