Door Barrier Lock

The Door Barrier Lock - by Safety and Security LLC. "When Seconds Matter."


Frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any special tools needed to operate the Door Barrier Lock?
No tools are required to operate the Door Barrier Lock. All pieces of the Door Barrier Lock are permanently mounted and easy to operate.
Is it quick to implement?
Yes, it is. It only takes seconds to engage the lock entirely. The lock can be secured using the easy ‘Lift, Swing, and Drop’ method.
Has the Door Barrier Lock been tested?
Yes, The Door Barrier Lock has been tested against a variety of weapon systems used by a police tactical unit. The lock not only proved it’s strength and durability against the various police weapon systems but maintained its function after being subjected to a pipe bomb and C4 explosives.
Is the lock easy to install?
While the installation procedures are easy to follow, we recommend that the lock be installed by someone skilled in lock installations and having the right tools. It is not recommended that the average homeowner install the lock.
Is there any maintenance required for the lock?
Yes, it is recommended that a couple of drops of oil be applied to the swing arm shaft quarterly. Swing the arm up and down a couple of times to distribute the oil.